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Originally Posted by MMA*Junkie View Post
hi im having trouble gaining weight , my daily meal usually looks like this

breakfast tuna sand which on white bread
snack: orange, granola bar
lunch lasagna or stir fry
afternoon snack: banana
dinner: roast beef or chicken with a green and mashed poetoes

i know your suppose to cut back on your cardio, but im not quitting muay thai i love it so how can i gain weight?

im 5,10 , 135 lbs, i have a fast metabolism like i eat something and 15mins later im hungry, i want to get to 160-170 lbs by the end of the year

if you have any recipes, know any foods or snacks im all for trying new foods.
For once trade snacks for meals.... I'm light heavyweight and go through bulking and cutting phases so when I go semi pro im as lean and powerful at the same time. If I was bulking for one I'd hit core lifts such as dead lifts and squats to maximise GH and Test secretion and id involve bench and clap press ups but that's just me. Then i'd add whole grains and complex carbs into every single meal talking minimum 5 meals a day of large carb and protein portions... It can be difficult but it needs to be done. Beans, cereal with nuts and fibre, whole grain rice, wholewheat pasta, oatmeal, steak, chicken, fish, plenty eggs, brown bread full of seeds with fatty oils. Just going on my own dietry standards. Hope I can be helpful.
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