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Originally Posted by BearInTheClinch View Post
Anybody ever utilize this and if so what kind of results did you get reguarding MMA?
I have done some GPP type stuff before but at the time I wasn't doing any kind of MMA or Boxing type training so I can't really tell what the benefits would be for carryover. I've got the feeling that it would be beneficial but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with combining the two.
In my opinion strongman training is great is that can be applied in explosive movements. Weight lifting is generally tied down to dynamic strength (lifting a weight at a controlled rate) where as explosive strength is moving the weight as fast as you can and in terms of mma this is the most vital. On a bulking phase to counteract my cutting and to maintain power and gh/test levels I hit big lifts with big rest and when on a cutting phase I still interact muscle movements but switch it to strictly plyometrics... Jump squats, power cleans, clap press ups and pullups with slow eccentric super fast concentric movement. I find this has kept the power that I have developed off big weights to operate very quickly. As they say in the gym "effin fast for a big guy"
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