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Nutrition / supplements > here ya go.

I hope everyone gets some good information, nutrition is just as important as learning how to shoot a double leg. For 99.99% of people following Body4life is a SUPERB place to begin and get useto eating clean and frequent meals.

A great website to log your food will run micros and is an excellent program.)


^^^^ Start there ...

Pre, During, & Postworkout Nutrition. - Forums
PRE/PWO nutrition.

OOOO and everyones favorite money SINK! SUPPLEMENTS.

Pogue's Blog: Sports Supplements Guide for Beginners

Good multi, fishoil, creatine, whey stick to the BASICS and dont waste money on shit supplement companies like xyience.

I put this in the ufc section simply because people like to ask about xyience and other supplements probably as they are chowing down some taco bell!
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