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Originally Posted by kyle1
The only supplement I have ever read that anyone Overdosed on was Ohami bulk powder(not sure exact spelling), which actually can kill you. It is used as a thermogenic to help cut weight, but you cant go to walmart and grab it . I would say kids OD on roids every year, sometimes I think they need education just as much as prevention ads!
No one said death, just damage to the body. For example, high doses of creatine have been linked to general performance decrease at best and kidney disorder at worst.

Here's a few readily available supplements that can ruin a day: - Dangerous supplements, 12 supplements to avoid 5/04

My point then and now is that just because something calls itself a supplement doesn't make it good or safe for you. Even those that do offer benefits in moderation can still do harm when the user can't read a label.

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