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Originally Posted by wukkadb
First off, your assumption is wrong. Of course I'm looking to gain a few lbs of lean muscle, but my primary goals in lifting are to strengthen my core, and my posterior chain. Also, being a personal trainer means nothing now a days. If you have a chiseled chest and some abs, they practically let you in. Also, your diet is still horrible, and you're taking way too many supplements.
No, Im not. And i was talking about my self not you.
I dont eat enough, and i take 1 or 2 supplements a day after working out to prevent soreness. and i take vitamins, which everyone should. occasionally i take a nox before lifting or something to get a better work out in. i could take alot more and still be in the good amount zone. now if i was having 12 protein shakes a day chugging creatine and injecting steroids...then yeah id be taking to much. but when i burn 4500 calories in a day, its just fine to take a protein shake, especially when im only taking in about 2000 calories

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