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Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
I've been doing a kind of paleo-southbeach hybrid for about three years and its effing awesome. as you mentioned, bacon in everything, and no need for cooking oil when you've got delicious bacon grease sitting around.

that's all i wanted to add. rock on!
Do you cook veggies in that too? I still havent been able to bring myself to put veggies into the bacon grease, but I cook other meats in that grease...And then pour that grease back into the jar. GREASE-CEPTION!

Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Look up a guy named Scott Sonnon. He wrote a book that's free you can get it online. Its what I'm doing. Zero sugar, zero simple carbs. Meat and vegetables. Beat diet I've been on and best results as well.@

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That sounds like it'd take more discipline than I have. While cutting out sugars and starchy carbs entirely would be SUPER healthy, I feel like my life wouldn't be worth living without the occasional cookie and brownie and chocolate croissant and ice cream and...

Originally Posted by UpAndComing2013 View Post
I changed my refined carbs to whole grains two days ago... found throughout the day I have sustained energy... more positive and happy mood, more patience, less sugar cravings...Really feel much better... White bread for brown and seeded. Rice pudding for Scottish oats. Weetabix for fruit and fibre and white rice for whole grain. Amazing!
Definitely try trading in carbs for more fat and protein. An interesting thing is that your body can manufacture its own glucose, but will only do so if you don't give it enough dietary glucose so that it has to get it from somewhere else. I'm not saying nix the carbs altogether, though some go that route (keto diet), but dropping your intake as low as possible will give you the most dramatic results.

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