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Originally Posted by You Are a Clown
first off i think the courture chuck fights would have been better if there wasnt the misfortunate events for randy of getting poked in they eye like everyone does that fights chuck cause he punches with his thumbs out and then the slip on the mat which gave chuck a wide open shot at him
second i think wandy would have a great chance in the fight he has a good chin and would bring the fight to chuck with pace if you dont allow chuck to circle and get his timing down his countering wont be as effective
you cant compare randy and shogun..shogun is sooo much better on his feet..if you notice when chuck fights guys with decent strikes he struggles..he was gettin roughed up by allistair overeeem, and mezger until catching them...but if he lets shogun get in the same type of shots that those guys got in, chucks going to sleep..because shoguns striking is so much better than those guys..look what rampage did to chuck..shogun gave rampage the biggest beating of his career..way worse than wandy did..rampage never had a shot in that really suprised about all the chuck support..dont get me wrong hes sick..i just think shogun is a bad match up for him, well for ne one really


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