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Originally Posted by wallysworld191
No, Im not. And i was talking about my self not you.
I dont eat enough, and i take 1 or 2 supplements a day after working out to prevent soreness. and i take vitamins, which everyone should. occasionally i take a nox before lifting or something to get a better work out in. i could take alot more and still be in the good amount zone. now if i was having 12 protein shakes a day chugging creatine and injecting steroids...then yeah id be taking to much. but when i burn 4500 calories in a day, its just fine to take a protein shake, especially when im only taking in about 2000 calories
you've gotta be the dumbest personal trainer i've ever met. but then again, you're also the same dumbass who started a thread about how CC is too small for HW and should fight at 205.

What a stud

Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
The power of Aleks, his small baby and pimp hardcore dogs has granted you useful insight, my friend.
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