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Definitely try trading in carbs for more fat and protein. An interesting thing is that your body can manufacture its own glucose, but will only do so if you don't give it enough dietary glucose so that it has to get it from somewhere else. I'm not saying nix the carbs altogether, though some go that route (keto diet), but dropping your intake as low as possible will give you the most dramatic results.[/QUOTE]

I already have gone up in fats by adding nutty cereals and seeded bread to my diet but bacon grease? Literally the thought of it makes me want to throw up. The carbs I eat gives me that manic buzz before I train twice a day on my cutting cycle and I find getting enough energy to train twice daily very intensely is more effective than forcing my body to make glucose elsewhere because I feel the shutting down effects?? Which is more likely to release Gh, Test and affect metabolic/hormonal rates/changes. I assume your talking about gluconeogenesis? I'm into day 10 now of cutting cycle. Through out the day swimming sprints, plyometrics, 3 miles running, 6 miles biking some days pad work sparring and extra running sprints needs maximum output for maximum results... Don't feel that when i'm zapped... Definitely don't feel fast twitch muscles are firing strong. Today I have a grapple with an old coach of mine he's about 240lbs... Older guy, straight monster... Chest bigger than my head... 3x karate black belt.. I think Ill still eat my beans on toast and Scottish oats before I make the gym today lol lol lol.
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