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Life B Ez

Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post

It's not difficult after two weeks. Sugar is a toxin and rather addictive. Once you clean it out of your system the cravings stop happening. But if you can't do it you're better off finding something you'll stick to rather then something you'll do for a month then binge eat.
I hear you on the sugar thing... Literally the longer you are away from it the easier it becomes. Wouldn't dream of finishing the gym buying a lucozade never mind eating a extravagant desert after my main meal of the day. Now.... Down to where I find it difficult. Last night I unluckily woke up 1 hour after falling asleep. 2 hours into sleep most of your growth hormone is being secreted I believe not sure if this affects hunger... Well, when im working for power only its protein I crave... A quick protein shake ready by my bed and i'm satisfied to remain sleeping. During my 9 days (this is start of day 10) I have had 3 slip ups all being either before I fall asleep and then throughout the night or as I wake up. It really upsets me to be honest as throughout the day I am in control. I think the zero carbs before bed is a killer to but it winds me up. Day 3 I had a carton of cranberry juice... That was physiologically the worst but not psychologically. The sugar mass is ridiculous. The sugar made me feel satisfied though but I took it on board and never happened again. Its hard when you live with people who have cupboards and fridges ready for a bear to raid it in the night.... Then day 5 I had a carton of strawberry milk also high in sugar. Then last night I had 4 chocolate biscuits! In terms on sugar content it most likely wont be as high but it has annoyed me more than the other two!! On day 6 I had a banana by my bed and that worked. If I wake up and am literally like a angry new York bear ready to raid peoples cupboards and fridges for a glucose spike let it be from a banana...
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