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Originally Posted by Rygu View Post
Nah, low 30's are the highest these days. 5 years ago you would have been right, but methods, equipment and food have all skyrocketed, especially in BC. The best weed was grown in the world here before growing for medicinal purpose was legalized, imagine now with tens of thousands of people with licenses to grow. A ridiculous amount have either bullshit reasons or got their recommendation by paying a few grand to a shady doctor I will add. You must live in the States where you trade your coke lb for lb with us for our weed.
Cali's got better sun, better elevation, better seasons, and a huge market driving production. BC's turned out a whole LOT of buds but beasters are not known for quality, they're known for reliability and reasonable pricing. Of course great shit comes out of there but I don't think Canada is turning out the best weed in the world, even in indoor hydroponics w/ dep cycling and the like. That could be regional bias though.

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