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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
I wasn't trying to imply that YOU can't take a joke. You said it will "bait people" into a useless discussion. I was talking about the people that you think may be baited into a useless discussion. If they can't see the thread for what it is, it's their problem and they probably shouldn't post in a joke thread.
Originally Posted by Killz View Post
Think you might be taking this a little too seriously Sportsman

This thread is harming no-one and has been taken completely in the manner it was intended.
Nah, maybe sounded like too serious, but you all know I appeciate a good laugh. It was just there are so many different threads already about GSP and Nick I thought that being trollish from the start would be a waste. The fact the thread title baited even regular good posters who didn't click the source is a prove a lot of destabilization can escalate before the truth comes up.

Anyway, no worries. Thanks for your explanation, Hit.
Thanks Killz.

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