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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
So in other words you and people like you like to complain daily about the same things that Nick does. Including "whining".

But you are hoping to see him "whine" after this fight?

Talk about a weird bunch of fans. You guys are so pathetic that you bitch about what he does 24/7....but are rooting for him to do it anyway.

That isn't logical and shows that you are just a whiner yourself.

People like you say how immature Nick is....yet that concept is the most immature thing I have heard on this board.

Pipe down and pull the panties out of your ass. Did you and Diaz have a "special" relationship in the past, because you defend him like he's your boyfriend or something.

The OP asked what we wanted to happen. I just think it would be fitting if Diaz ended his career doing what he does best, running his mouth, being a bitch, and whining. I want Nick to fail in the most humiliating way possible. After years of embarrassing the sport, he deserves to be embarrassed himself. That's what I want to happen at UFC 158. Deal with it.
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