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kalib is capable of submitting leben, but the question is will he be able to considering leben is an animal with GREAT yes great td defence, an under-rated ground game, a truck load of heart,great chin and ko power in both hands that he knows how to use.

chris leben isnt a joke on the ground, he's trained with top team quest fighters, at amc pankration, the guys has been around and he's knows allot, he's a very knowledgable fighter, he has about 3 times more experience than kalib.

i think starnes will have a very hard time getting the fight to the ground, and even if he does,leben has faired fine on the ground against bjj blackbelts.

allin all i think i agree with punishment 101 here and that leben has a better chance to kncok starnes out that stanres does to submit him and i think he willt ake it by tko, ko or unanimous decision.

given kalibs tendendy too lose confidence if he is losing i think leben will close in for a 3rd round or possibly second round knockout or decision.

kalib experiencing his first real loss to okami(since his loss to groves was technicly a injury)and now training with the great big nogmay have changed and we may see amore impressive fighter but i will judge kalib for what i ahve seen and not from what i havent.

this fight, either man could end it.
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