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Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
Crazy dream night again. It's quite an underdog story.

So a friend and me were in a hotel room for some reason and then we get moved to a bigger room we have to share with three girls I know (no, it wasn't a sex dream). I talk to this one girl and I know that she likes me and for some reason she proceeds to get me drunk as ****. Every time I drink a shot she rewards me by playing a Led Zeppelin song on the jukebox (remember, we're still in the room). I'm actually drunk in the dream, slurred speech, staggering and everything, it was pretty damn awesome. As I get more and more shitfaced I realize she's only playing with me and won't ever take off her bra. At some point the hotel manager comes in, says no more alcohol and takes me with him. He reveals to me that I'm some sort of ancient demon hunter and proceeds to teach me a sword move (still drunk during all of this, it was so much fun). So I get back to the room and the drinking/Led Zeppelin thing is back on, only at some point a demon attacks and I save the girl. In the process she gets covered in demon slime and everyone is laughing at her. In the end I get the girl.
I love my dreams.
This is Penthouse magazine worthy.

Listenin' to some Biggie.

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