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When I started taking Aikido my instructor explained to me that you can't beat a wall. "The wall is better grounded then you are."

I learned this the hard way again training with this week. I was rolling with a training partner, snaking out to get to guard and I cracked my head on the plywood board that Eduardo uses to protect us from running into the actual wall.

Thinking about this in the context of a streetfight, it's an important practice. While, in MMA, we are conditioned only to think about things in terms of open space or, at most, just the cage or ring, in a streetfight you have to think about walls, chairs and other people.

In aikido, they always talk about being aware and awareness practices. This is fundamentally important, even when you are grappling and incredibly focussed on pulling out your submission, you have to be aware of where you are in space or you're going to run into something and hurt yourself.

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