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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
Ask everyone who was saying wandy has better chin at 205, they said something about the neck muscles and maybe the gas tank has something to do with it
Ya I don't buy that either. Wandy still gets dropped when anything decent connects. Wandy went down three times in round one vs Stann, if a follow up had landed that woulda been the fight. No one would be saying that if Wandy had been kod by Stann, which thankfully did not happen.

Originally Posted by gazh View Post

Basically if you're cutting around 40lbs (i think Cote walks around at 210lbs) you are going to lose some muscle mass, he is not losing 40lbs of pure water and fat, it's almost biologically impossible to lose that much weight and none of it being muscle.
I don't have any evidence to back it up but I don't believe the amount of muscle you might lose in your neck would significantly affect the amount of damage you could take. Being knocked out has a lot to do with the sudden acceleration of the brain which causes temporary loss of brain function, so I suppose really strong neck muscles could affect this. I just don't think it would affect it enough to make a noticeable difference. After all we see the most knockouts at higher weight classes. If stronger neck muscles really did stop knockouts from happening you would assume the increase in power in the heavier fighters would be nullified by their stronger neck muscles.

Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
um yes this. very important. it's been proven that dehydration complicates brain injury, it's a renowned problem in weight cutting sports, moreso today than ever.

Some fairly prominent MMA fighter's son just got his wrestling medals stripped because he cut more weight than legally allowed... just a couple of weeks ago
Interesting I never thought of this. I'll have to do some reading.

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