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Round 1 - Pretty big fight here, and Marc Goddard will oversee it. Condit outside first. And Hendricks lands that left early with two, but Condit gets out of there and lands a right. Hendricks wants more punching. He lands, then picks Condit up and drops him to the floor and gets up and walks away to stay standing. Condit jumps into a right hand and lands. But Hendricks keeps pushing, backs Condit up and then plants him again. This time, he'll stay on the ground a bit longer. He doesn't land anything, though, and Condit briefly gets up. But then it's right back to the floor with Hendricks on top and Condit trying to work off his back with elbows. Hendricks will be content to let the fight go back to the feet with 2:15 left in the frame. Condit kicks outside, but Hendricks goes hunting for that left, then picks him up again and wants to drop him. It's a soft takedown, and Condit rolls looking for something. But Hendricks defends and holds on to a headlock. COndit is bleeding from the nose. But he's back up. Flying knee from Condit is just off the mark, and Hendrciks tries to go body-head and does. But Condit goes after an armbar, and then takes Hendricks' back. Hendricks will survive , and the two throw big to close out the frame just as Hendricks again takes Condit down. It's a 10-9 round for Hendricks, but Condit made his presence known for sure.

Round 2 - Slugfest ensues right away in the second. Condit lands a knee. Hendricks swings wildly with the left. Both survive. Condit kicks up high, and Hendricks goes back to the middle. Hendricks goes body hunting, then again scoops Condit up and puts him down. Condit briefly has a kimura, but Hendricks gets free. Condit is back up, then lands a nice right hand. Then a body kick, and Hendricks goes chasing him with the left. He lands a couple, but Condit fires back and stays standing. But Condit just cannot defend the takedown, and Hendricks puts him down once again. Condit wants the kimura, but Hendricks has to let him back up in defending. Condit lands a pair of knees, then a head kick. He backs Hendricks up, and they slug. Condit lands a 1-2, then a knee, but Hendricks catches him in midair and gets his eighth takedown and goes into half guard. Condit gets back up, and Hendricks drags him down. But just briefly. With a minute left, they'll swing again. Condit backs him up, then lands a front kick. But again, Hendricks plants him to the canvas. Condit lands some elbows on the ground, but he won't be able to get up to do much before the horn. gives the second to Hendricks, 10-9, in what has been a fantastic fight.

Round 3 - Despite a left hand that Hendricks told his corner is hurt, he still throws it. But Condit backs him up with some high kicks. Hendricks goes after a single and gets it. Nothing powerful, but still imposing his will on the ground. Both men go after some elbows on the ground, and Condit gets to full guard. Condit again wants the kimura, but can't get it. He gets to his feet, though, and starts to work on landing some combos. But Hendricks answers back with the hurt left. Condit misses a kick up high and drags things down for his 10th takedown. Condit gets back up, but again Hendricks goes back down. Condit is landing elbows and punches down below. Hendricks doesn't like it and lets him up with two minutes left. Condit lands a good right, but Hendricks grabs on before Condit can finally separate. Condit lands a kick up high, but it's right back to the floor with Hendricks' 11th takedown. Hendricks is bleeding pretty goodand with under a minute left, Condit gets back to his feet and has to go into desperation mode. He lands a left hook, then a knee, and Hendricks ties him up, and that's probably going to do it. He gets his 12th takedown, and that's gonna be it for the fight. Condit gets back up, but it's too little too late. scores the third for Condit 10-9, but it'll be Hendricks with the win and likely the next welterweight title shot. Johny Hendricks def. Carlos Condit via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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