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People don't seem to realize that when Hendricks inevitably goes ape wild looking for his big flurry, he'll leave himself open for an easy takedown. You can't rush in looking for that big shot and work defensive wrestling/TDD at the same time. GSP's takedowns are going to have Hendricks second guessing himself about going for that big power shot... you get wild, you get taken down.

That doesn't mean GSP can't be caught. And it doesn't mean that Hendricks won't come in and try to outwrestle GSP. But it's fairly obvious that if he goes for those big power exchanges, he opens himself up for a takedown - which GSP is more than good enough to capitalize on. I do love that because Nick was able to stuff some half hearted takedown attempts, GSP's wrestling, his once most heralded tool, is now 'non existent'.

Either way, Hendricks is easily GSP's toughest challenge in years.
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