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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
If a dude misses weight by a pound we question if it will hurt his cardio/performance. But a guy who is said to be a HUGE MW drops 7 extra lbs at age 38 and cuts to 178, a weight lower than he has been in years....and that is all fine and dandy and won't effect Silva?

He wouldn't be 220 lets get real. So you are basically saying you don't want any size difference? You don't want any weight advantage? LOL. You want Anderson to cut down 7 more lbs than usual then have him go fight? LOL.

Ridiculous GSP fans that are scared shitless of that fight.

If Anderson eventually goes to 205 and fights what is said to be the biggest phenom the sport has ever seen. And does it at age almost 40? GSP will go down as the biggest pansy in the sport.
Did you really think I was being serious?

I've already said that I'm fairly certain GSP would lose to Anderson. All I can do now is have fun with this situation and troll Silva's fans.
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