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Originally Posted by aerius View Post
It's kinda funny, going all the way back to the BJ Penn rematch we had people saying that GSP would get tooled. It was claimed that BJ would stuff the takedowns and use his superior striking to beat up GSP in the standup game. Instead, he got out struck, taken down, beaten up, and finished.

Then because Thiago Alves managed to keep the fight standing against Koscheck, he was going to do the same to GSP and knock him with his superior striking. Instead, he got taken down like everyone else, beaten up, then knocked down in the standup game and beaten up some more.

Then we get to Jake Shields, who because he's taken everyone down and blanketed or sub'd them on the ground, was supposed to do the same to GSP. I do recall a thread entitled, and I quote, "Shields will take down GSP and toy with him on the ground". Shields didn't get a single takedown, and got knocked down twice by GSP.

And just weeks ago we had threads where people claimed that Nick Diaz would work the shit out of GSP if the fight went to the ground, and that GSP would be afraid to take him down and get beaten up by Diaz' superior boxing. How'd that one work out? Beaten in striking and completely shut down on the ground.

There's no question that Hendricks is one hell of a dangerous opponent, he's got deadly power and the timing to land his money punch with a disturbing amount of success. But like the rest of GSP's opponents, I wouldn't be surprised if GSP and his coaches figure out a way to shut him down and take him apart. They're smart and they know how to win. You might not like the way they do it, but you can't deny how good they are at it.
Quoted for mother ******* truth! So easy how people forget.

The "GSP is going to lose" chants are always prevalent... until he wins. Then the talk becomes how boring he is and points to how the NEXT guy is going to be the one to beat him.

He's not invincible... far from it. It's just too funny to watch the conversations on here change.

RIP Jordan Corder. Watch over me from above brother.
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