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There are two reasons for doing research on this subject:

1. To answer the question everyone always wants to know - how does it all work and how did it all get here. We come closer and closer to finding out all the answers, and things like this are a big step towards that.

2. Who knows when the information on how the universe works/comes into existence can benefit us. It might be a major player in intergalactic space travel or any number of things that we aren't sure how to do yet.

We have a very limited number of years left on this planet before we pollute it to a point where we can't live here anymore, or a meteor comes and wipes us out, or if none of that happens the sun will definitely kill all life on earth in about 500 million years. We need to know as much about space and the universe as possible to make sure we have all the information we need to make progress towards leaving this place/finding a new planet/place to live.
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