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Originally Posted by mdblueingreen View Post
Hi There i am new to MMA training (only having 3 classes so far) but whilst i was trainging open position passes in that my partner was on ther feet trying to pass to side control, i pulled my groin, stupidly i went back to training 5 days after and whilst rolling, practising kimoras from closed guard i pulled it again, as a reult i have not been back to training for 4-5 days now, it started feeling a little better today so i did a little ground work at home and tweaked it again, my next session is in 3 days time and i realy dont want to miss it, i was wondering if anybody had any advice on how to help my recover, sorry for the long post but any advice would be greatly appreciated
Gotta let it heal or it will bother you forever. If you really want to train, work on things that don't involve that muscle and don't spar or you'll re-injure it for sure. Good luck.
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