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Hendricks is certainly a serious challenge but your argument is based on assumptions I don't think are correct.

Hendricks took Condit down but did absolutely nothing with it and couldn't keep him down. Compared to George who put Carlos on his back, kept him there and did damage.

Until proven otherwise, GSP has the best "mma wrestling".

Hendricks' NCAA credentials are irrelevant. Theoretically, you can win an NCAA title with 0 take downs. Most of the ways you score points in NCAA wrestling don't work in mma. That's why some Div 2 wrestlers have better mma wrestling than some Div 1 champs.

GSP's biggest weapon is his explosive speed, which IMO has been diminished due to his ACL repair.

What George does better than anyone is reactive takedowns. He initiates the stand-up and just when his opponent fires a punch he ducks down and counters with a double leg. That's how he put Kos on his back, that's how he'll put Hendricks on his back...if he ever fights Silva that is likely the only way he'd put Anderson on his back.

Prior to shooting for a double leg, GSP will stay in kickboxing range, use his jab, circle left and never back straight up.
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