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Day 44 last night.

I got in for a double sesion.

We were working 4-minute rounds after our PT for drilling.

I worked a lot on form for my jab, straight right, and hooks.

During the 2nd portion of the night I worked the same but halfway through I joined in with our mma side.

We've got a gym that is mma nearbye that wants to train in boxing since they don't have a coach that primarily focuses on that there.

So i got some kicking in. I am not sure what you'd call it...but I have been getting comfortable throwing a roundhouse from my lead foot without changing my base.

I threw some into a shield and noticed the guy wince a few times.

Swapped it up for a rear-leg thai roundhouse, and it was far more effective in power overall.

After that we worked on the thai push-kick.

To finish off I learned a static lead heel hook kick. As it is now if I'm in the orthodox stance this kick is worthless.

I was catching on my inner leg and it was preventing me from throwing the strike fluidly.

Now on my right side I was throwing it just fine.

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