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Originally Posted by Sharon View Post
Just wondering guys. Have you ever had a relationship with an MMA fighter? I have, and it's definitely got huge pluses. It was often surreal dating one. I've not dated anyone famous or anything, but still, they way MMA translates into other things is pretty yummy.

Who here has dated an MMA fighter. Please share your relationship and experiences.
Funny you mention this.

There is show on channel 5 in the UK called Fighter Wives.. I watched a bit of it the other day. It had Brad Pickett and Colin Fletchers other halves on it.

You can catch it here.

Fighters Wives

This film takes a close look at what goes on between the cage-fighters and their wives and witnesses the extremes that these women will go to in order to make their relationships work.
Among those featured are Sarah, an educated, well-spoken young woman who risked her relationship with her family for her Cockney cage fighting boyfriend Brad, and Maria, wife of bad boy Colin, who has no idea what goes on behind the closed doors of her husbandís rigorous training schedule yet continues to support him.
Then there are wives who like to get involved, like Maeve. While her husband is in the ring, she is stitching up the wounds of the injured. Somehow she manages to cope with the worry of what is happening to her husband with the responsibility of caring for the health of the athletes.
Not sure if those from the outside the UK will be able to view it though.
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