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Originally Posted by Spite View Post
Funny you mention this.

There is show on channel 5 in the UK called Fighter Wives.. I watched a bit of it the other day. It had Brad Pickett and Colin Fletchers other halves on it.

You can catch it here.

Fighters Wives

Not sure if those from the outside the UK will be able to view it though.
Can't view it, honey. Thanks anyway though. It does sound very interesting

I haven't, and welcome back - glad to see you posting.
Thank you MC. Glad to be back. And this time - i'm not going anywhere for a looong time

My last long time girlfriend was a pro Thai fighter.
That's so cool. How was the relationship? I assume she was in shape often if she was a Thai fighter?

One of the last guys I dated said my hips were 'unreal' and really fast and fluid. I think a lot of that is because of some of the Muay Thai my camp make me do at times, lol.
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