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Originally Posted by OU View Post
I pre-ordered Gears Of War Judgement yesterday. I bought my first xbox because of the 1st Gears of War and I played GOW 3 more then any other game I have ever played. Too many people on my friends list are getting this game, so I didn't have much of a choice.
They made some major changes to this game, atleast in multiplayer.

No Active Reloads- it still has the reload bar but all it does now is make you reload faster it no longer gives you bullets any extra power.

Grenades- Now you start off with your choice of smoke, ink, frag or the newest nade that will heal anyone in the area you throw it. Also now you use LB to throw a frag and you can quick throw instead of winding up like before. You can no longer stick nades on the walls either and the only way to stick someone is throw it at them and if it hits them it will stick to them.

You start with 1 gun and a pistol- You can start off with any of the main guns, gnasher, sawed off(now has 2 in chamber before reload) retro, lancer. However you can pickup any gun that is on the ground and you can drop your pistol to pickup any gun. But now you start with less ammo but ammo packs are everywhere on the maps.

It's now Red vs Blue, no longer humans vs locus- takes a bit to get use to but the teams are no longer race vs race it's now just blue team vs red team. They also have skins you can unlock that go on your armor as well as your guns.

You can now jump down levels- You will take some fall damage on bigger falls but now you can jump down off any edge which makes getting around easier. Also makes you have to pay attention because people just pop over walls.

Weapon changes- They have a couple new weapons. One is kind of like a mid range sniper that has a decent zoom. Then you have another sniper variation that has no zoom but all the power. You have a badass gun called a volcan you can pickup that is like a more mobile version of the grinder from previous games. They have a gun called a booshka that is like a grenade launcher that allows you to bounce it off walls and stuff.

Change in Game Modes- No more king of the hill. Now it's more like domination, you have 3 rings instead of just 1. Pretty much exactly like domination.
The added variation of Horde called Overrun that is currently my favorite. Unlike Horde you are playing actual people. This mode is humans vs locus and you will switch sides after rounds. This mode has classes and it's pretty fun. Depending on which class you pick you will have 2 guns and a special. You have 1 area that the humans try to protect and they have barriers and 1 of the classes allows you to setup sentry guns. The locus have to destroy the barriers and then destroy the guarded area. Once you destroy that it pushes them back to a new area. There are 3 areas total if you make it that far.
The added Free for All, no description needed.
Team Deathmatch is now first team to 50, no death limit.
There is still Horde mode but now it's called survival.

That's all that comes to mind for now. It takes some getting use to. A couple of my gears buddies are super pissed about the changes. It's different but still fun IMO.
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