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Jones -Silva 15 million. Winner-take-all.

That said .....Zuffa is a Vegas-based promotion, and so far, they haven't even agreed to do an event in Jerry-World (Cowboys Stadium, Dallas). How big do they WANT New York to be? Madison Square Garden? The Meadowlands (Giants-Jets Stadium)? Yankee Stadium? You could put championship fights in the prelims, if this is the card to end all cards.

How about main event

Jones -Silva
Cain vs Bigfoot (Except after that much blood, NY might ban the UFC again)
GSP vs Hendricks
Ronda vs Meisha Tate (Tonya Harding waiting to happen. Beaucoup PPV)
Cruz-Edgar (0pen the main event with the local kid)

That's if the plan is for THIS event to move the UFC to the third biggest world sport behind football (soccer) and basketball, and #4 US. (Add baseball, american football, drop soccer).

I don;t happen to think that would work, and after they're debut on Fox, I think Zuffa knows better, but IF that's the plan ....

NOTE: I put GSP on that card, but I don't really want anything going to decision. A Hendricks KO would be historic, and that's what I'm aiming for. No put 'em against the wall dirty boxing types. I like that style, but this is to put on a show.
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