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I wonder if he completely made that up or just reworked something said by somebody else.

Originally Posted by 3DLee View Post
i know he won't do it, but do yall think Chael is good enough for the WWE? Chael is like a Giant among dwarves on the mic in mma when everyone says "im gonna give it 100 precent and put on a show for the fans and plan on getting my hand raised." but does Chael have what it takes to make it on a live Monday Night Raw? I think itd be fun to see if Chael could keep a straight face doing a promo with the Rock.
I wouldn't say that he won't do it. Probably not any time soon but I could see him showing up at a WWE event and talking or maybe doing a bit more if he isn't active with fighting. Other MMA fighters have done it and he was going to have CM Punk walk out with him for a fight a while back. And there was a interview a while back where he said that he had done the tryout and was invited to WCW power plant.

Actually heres the interview
Did you consider becoming a professional wrestler?

“Yeah, when I was in college, I didn’t graduate college until 2001, I became an All-American in 1998 and right after that I went out to the WCW, what they had at that time was called a Power Plant and there was a try out, it was an extremely difficult tryout, it was three days and boy it was hard, only two of us made it, me and a gentleman from Jamaica. And we got invited to comeback and I said, “Well, look, I’m going to go finish college,” and they said, “Well, you only have to do tryout, once you get invited the invite’s good for life essentially.’ So, I was going to return after I graduated in 2001, well by then they had shut down, the WCW had folded up and no longer was in existence.”

After that failed, did you consider WWE or was MMA the thing you focused on?

“Well, you know, I always wanted to do MMA. I was going to do MMA, you know even if I was going to a wrestling route, I was going to do MMA.”

“I was 20 years old and wrestling seemed like a fun thing to do but I didn’t get any more serious about wrestling than just going to a 3-day tryout. That’s where my career started and stopped.”

Is your conversational style during interviews influenced at all by watching pro-wrestling?

“Yeah, I did watch pro-wrestling growing up, I’ve heard that about myself but I don’t think that I have a pro-wrestling style. You know, pro wrestling, you don’t have to touch on realms of reality. You can just say whatever you want. I’ve never done an interview where I didn’t just answer questions in an honest fashion, I’ve never created anything. So, every now and then I hear that about myself, ‘Ah, you sound like a pro-wrestler,’ and I don’t know if that’s a compliment or an insult, I never know how to take it.”

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