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Originally Posted by rabakill View Post
Past fights don't matter and that's what you don't get. He wasn't fading, maybe he's faded before but that's not the discussion. You know, the thread title saying that his hand wasn't broken and you want to go off an arrogant tangent being a complete douche about it, I don't care about your rants because they are nonsense. Telling me disregard the Condit fight in a thread about the Condit fight.... get a grip bud, your irreverent lectures are a waste of time
Ok, personal insults aside, explain whats so wrong with the idea that Hendrix's performance in fights gets markedly worse as his fights go on. Hendrix in round one is a totally different beast to Hendrix in round 3. That's in *all* of his fights. Sure, there are lots of fighters who degrade as a fight wears on... but GSP isnt one of them. Everything points to Hendrix looking pretty damn poor in the championship rounds.

The above opinion ( as well as CP's view ) is based on form, not some random thoughts we might have whilst taking a shit. All we have to base opinions on is form. Thats it. We dont train with these guys. We dont speak to them. We can only go by the actual fights. And when looking at the actual fights, it's clear Hendrix is not a strong fighter after round 2.
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