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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post

Yep, that's me

I very rarely dismiss anyone's opinion. Not that these things matter in the grand scheme of things, but I haven't garnered a good reputation at this forum because I'm dismissive or think myself the epitome of MMA knowledge. I've been wrong in the past, and I own up to it. I've been schooled by posters who know ten times more than I do. And while I may be a bit aggressive or heated during certain discussions, I'd like to think it basic sense that what I'm saying or arguing is - in fact - my opinion and nothing more. I want to believe that enough people at this forum are intelligent enough to realize that my posts are my opinion, without my having to add 'imo' at the end of each and every one. My word is not gospel. It's opinion.

You're entitled to think whatever you like of me. It's your opinion, and - gasp - I support your being entitled to it. I enjoy discussing MMA, and as I said, I can get pretty into it. But that doesn't change the fact that all I'm offering is an opinion. Is it reality to me? Yes. Do I believe that everyone shares or ought to share my views? No.
I'm not saying you don't have the right to an opinion, far from it, the fact that you felt it necessary to question my intelligence for not realizing it was your opinion made me chuckle as I don't expect you to put 'imo' at the start of everything but respect should go both ways and arguing like a child and throwing your toys out the pram because of a difference of opinion is never really solved anything

You show your own evaluated status of self worth by thinking the reputation system on here means anything... I have been repped for having a difference with opinion with some people even had a stalker who gave me neg rep once a month before I could see who he was just for having a different point of view.

Hi John8204 my favorite reason from him was I hate you but you still seem to be able to post or see your still despised guess you shouldn't have negged me bitch... All of which I had quite a few people pos rep me for the same post

So as for the rep that you have accumulated don't let it affect your ego

As a lurker though i have noticed certain people that I have had debates with about certain fighter and wouldn't hear a good word said about now hanging off said fighters nuts like a lifelong supporter.

I would also say based on your posts that you don't believe everyone should share your opinion, but on the crazy occasion they don't, well they must be stupid or dissmissed as such right

If lost count of the amount of times I've seen things twisted out of context on here to suit someones arguement. Which is another reason I tend to not post.

Also there is a difference between being heated in a debate and being an ass that derails any conversation for ones own self worth... e.g. in a thread about Hendricks vs Conduit we are told not asked to ignore the conduit fight...

I also never said that Hendricks wasn't starting to gas a bit, do I think Conduit would have won a 5 rounder, Yes but only because his conditioning is better and to be fair Hendricks went all out those first 2 rounds, needs to pace himself better against GSP. Consider this more the straw that broke the camels back and don't take it personally or think that I am saying it's just you as there are a group of people on here who almost post like their word is gospel...
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