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Originally Posted by sg160187 View Post
You show your own evaluated status of self worth by thinking the reputation system on here means anything...

So as for the rep that you have accumulated don't let it affect your ego
When I referred to 'reputation', I wasn't referring to little red or green bars. I was referring to rapport - as in, I have a good rapport with most of the people here. I've never put much stock in positive or negative reps.

I would also say based on your posts that you don't believe everyone should share your opinion, but on the crazy occasion they don't, well they must be stupid or dissmissed as such right
I'm not entirely sure I agree, but fair enough. I tend to dismiss people who are hostile towards me. rabakill called me out and referred to me as 'ignorant' long before I fired back at him. I respond in kind, and I'm not ashamed to admit that. If you act like a knob towards me, expect the same in return.

Also there is a difference between being heated in a debate and being an ass that derails any conversation for ones own self worth... e.g. in a thread about Hendricks vs Conduit we are told not asked to ignore the conduit fight...
How ironic. You're twisting facts to suit your own argument. I never said to 'ignore the Condit fight in a thread about Hendricks vs. Condit'. I made the argument that Hendricks fades. I was met with 'no he doesn't, he was hurt', And I responded with 'well, ignore the injury and look to other fights that demonstrate Hendricks' tendency for fading further and further into the fight'. My argument was never that the injury didn't play a part - I even admitted that it might have. My argument was that Johny fades regardless. When I'm told he doesn't fade and that he only looked weaker because of his injuries, I'm inclined to raise other fights as evidence supporting my argument. That's how debating works.

You and rabakill can say that I asked you to ignore the Condit fight in a thread about Condit vs. Hendricks, but you're ignoring my entire argument in the process - that being that Hendricks fades in fights that go passed the first round.

Consider this more the straw that broke the camels back and don't take it personally or think that I am saying it's just you as there are a group of people on here who almost post like their word is gospel...
I don't take anything on here personally. It's a forum. On the internet. It's not meant to be taken so seriously that it becomes a burden.

Anyway, back on topic... good for Hendricks. His title shot is a long time coming. But GSP will weather the early storm, IMO, and Hendricks will break under the riddum.
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