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I'll probably draw heat here, but all illegal drugs should be tested for and should be banned substances. Even if you have a medical marijuana card in California or Nevada or elsewhere, marijuana posession is still illegal on a federal level. The same cannot be said for TRT. TRT is legal in the U.S. with a doctor's prescription. I'm not saying TRT is good for the sport or should be allowed in the sport, but comparing marijuana and TRT expemptions is apples and organges. Marijuana is federally illegal nationwide even if some states decriminalized it.

2 other quick reasons why pot shouldn't be allowed in the UFC
1: it's so easy to get out of your system by simply not smoking for the month leading up to the fight. if a fighter pisses dirty, theres no way to tell if he smoked 2 weeks before the fight, or right before the fight.

2: marijuana causes you to have a higher pain tolerance. if you're stoned you may be able to hold out those extra few seconds till the bell rings while caught in an armbar that you wouldnt've been able to otherwise. if you're going to allow weed because people have a prescription, why not allow someone to take a hand full of oxycontin and a few cc's of demerol with a prescription right before the fight? because it numbs the pain and gives one fighter an advantage.

I think pot should be legal in this country for everyone over 21, but I'm glad that fighters aren't allowed to piss dirty for weed after a fight.
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