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Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
This is shady. There is no a 0.9 allowance for title fights, there isn't even a 0.1 allowance for title fights. I don't care if one of them was sick, rules are rules and if you don't honor one of them you might as well not honor all of them.
So then you agree that Diaz should be at least DQed from the fight, and probably fired from UFC and suspended from fighting altogether for the two obvious dirty shots he took well after the round ended? "Rules are rules" are they not?

Or are some rules not as 'honourable' as others?

Oh, and how do we know that GSP was over 170? So far all we know is someone claims that the weight allowance rule was relaxed for this fight .. we don't have confirmation that this was actually the case, and if it was actually relaxed whether GSP took advantage of the relaxed rules .. or for that matter whether Diaz took advantage of the relaxed rule as well?

On the other hand we do know that Diaz took cheap shots between rounds, got caught with banned substances in his blood, misses contractual media appearances, and generally exhibits very poor sportsmanship qualities in and out of the ring.

If we are going to start holding 'rule breakers' to account, then who the hell is a more flagrant rule breaker than Nick Diaz? Both in and out of the ring?
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