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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
You guys completely miss the whole point.

The question isn't did GSP weigh in at 170.9. What is anyone here saying that has much to do with that? The question is what were Montreal's rules beforehand, and did anything change to accommodation a fighter?

Everyone is so quick to try and make this a DIaz vs GSP fans dramafest. It is more about the legitimacy of the sport. If they just changed criteria to fit the fight and get away with it, then what happenes next? Or 5 years from now?

This is boxing type stuff. And people rip boxing when anything corrupt happens.
I'm a fan of both fighters, as you're well aware, and so I'm not looking to create any 'Diaz fan vs. GSP fan drama'. But there are plenty of people in this thread suggesting that GSP ought to give Nick 50% of his purse and that GSP is pampered when there is virtually zero evidence to suggest that GSP was having weight troubles.

I'm all for discussing Montreal's quirky rules and whether UFC tried to pull a fast one. But this thread has clearly headed the direction of 'GSP weighed heavy,' an accusation we have not one shred of evidence to support.
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