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Originally Posted by 3DLee View Post
i think its directly related to fighter safety. if a stoned fighter has a slower reaction time but can take more punishment due to the numbing effects, he may take an unnecessary beating. again, im pro pot for non athletes. but to dismiss weed as if it had no effects on you is kinda crazy. it would either enhance your peformance, or hurt your peformance. either one is bad.
I personally don't think its unsafe, having trained stoned. Maybe if they are getting waaaaayyy too baked, or if they are unfamiliar/had no tolerance. Possibly. But setting that side, alcohol is out of your system in hours meaning a fighter could fight with a bad hangover undetectably (much more dangerous imo) while a fighter who smoked two weeks prior and entered the cage with perfect mental clarity could be the one that ends up suspended. The system is undeniably flawed and it's not something that can't be fixed.

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