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Originally Posted by NoYards View Post
Okay, first, the weigh-in rules are NOT 'set in stone' .. I posted the rules which clearly allow the commission to make modifications to those rules, that's not "spinning", that's an 'advanced and complicated method of determining the facts' called "reading the rules" ... it allows a 'catch-weight', and while many people believe that a 'catch-weight' fight can not include a championship fight, there is no such rule .. it is 'traditional' not to do so, but if we are talking about rules, then you'll need to show me the rules that state this.

Second, I actually think it was the proper decision not to DQ Diaz, and the ref used the proper discretion ... just as the commission did in modifying the weigh in rules (IF they actually did that, and it actually came into play for either GSP or Diaz.) The point is not that all rules need to be strictly adhered to, the point is if you're going to whine about minor discrepancies in how you believe the rules should be adhered to, then let's talk about ALL the rules and how strict or lenient there are adhered to.

Third, I'll defend GSP when the argument against him is BS, as are 90% of the "boring fighter' arguments I've seen so far.

I'll admit to liking GSP more than Diaz. I don't play into all the 'anti-hereo' bullshite, Diaz is an anti-socoal punk, a whiner, and a bully, whose whole shtick is to 'break the rules' so so-called "rebels" can identify with his nonsense. I don't put up with people like him in my real life, and I see no need to support someone like him just because he's a UFC fighter.

If you feel GSPs fighting style is boring, that's fine, that is your opinion, and you are welcome to it whether it is based on solid evidence, emotional reactions, or ignorance of MMA ... but in case you haven't noticed, I don't just post a bunch of simple emotional opinions, I post data to back up my opinions and try to explain why I have those opinions (if you disagree with the 'facts' as, or how, I present them, then fine, present your own 'facts' and we can debate their validity and meaning, but don't simply ignore that I am posting actual data and claim it is just opinion) ... such as Diaz's 'stand up L&P' ... which I clearly explained as someone using a single technique they are very strong at in order to 'play safe' (ie: Diaz is usually under no more 'risk' using his 'walk forward with his iron chin stuck out in front of him until he can wear down his opponent', than GSP is using his TD and G&P technique. You may find Diaz doing the same thing over and over again exciting, and I may find GSP doing the same thing over and over again exciting .. but both fighters are basically doing the same thing .. doing what they are best at to limit risk (or as you would call it: "playing it safe".)

Except with the approval of the Commission, or its executive director, the classes for mixed martial arts contests or exhibitions and the weights for each class shall be:

Welterweight over 155 to 170 pounds
Middleweight over 170 to 185 pounds

In non-championship fights, there shall be allowed a 1 pound weigh allowance. In championship fights, the participants must weigh no more than that permitted for the relevant weight division.

Over 170 includes 170.1 so unless they are fighting for the MW title, yes the weigh in rules are set in stone... Only grey area I can see you clutching at is the first section I bolded, but in truth I can't see how a commission can just up the weight by a pound. For a giggle can you tell me how many catch weight TITLE fights there have been in the UFC to date?

Ignorance of MMA is comparing lay and pray to trying to walk through your opponents punches... Do I think GSP's fighting style is boring... Yes I do but more because he has the tools to finish or at least try and finish some of the opponents he has faced and chooses not to. I respect the skills he has in his arsenal I just think it's a shame he chooses not to use them... I just can't understand how you can compare a guy walking forward with his chin in the air as 'safe' in the same way as laying on top of an opponent avoiding nearly all chances to either submit or pass into full guard and GnP someone...

What happened to the biggest beating of Diaz's life we were meant to witness? If I had the time I'd post a picture of the damage a LW in the form of BJ Penn did in 3 rounds compared to the damage the WW champ GSP did in 5...

As for you not posting with emotion but only fact you sure seem heated to me

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