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Originally Posted by locnott View Post
Does the approval of the commission only apply to non-title fights?
if not then he commission obviously approved it so this whole conversation would be pointless...
Yea that's the only grey area atm, I'm trying to find out if this excludes title fights. My reasoning behind it is Travis Lutter failed to make weight by 1.5 pounds for a UFC title fight and it was changed to a 3 round non title fight for this reason. Weird how the commission would allow it for the GSP fight but not the Lutter fight

Commissions may also approve catch weight bouts, subject to their review and discretion. For example, the Commission may still decide to allow the contest if it feels that the contest would still be fair, safe and competitive if a set catch weight is set in advance at 163 pounds, for example.

Catchweight has to be agreed by both parties involved in advance at the very least, so I can't see how telling the Diaz camp in a shady way just to 'keep them in the loop' follows suit with this.

The only thing I can find about catchweight specifically stating about title fights is on wiki and is jumbled in between boxing and mma so how much truth there is in it is always debatable...

Combat sports commonly have defined weight classes with specific weight limits. For example, each boxing division with the exception of heavyweight has its own limits for weight classes, ranging from 105 pounds for minimum weight to 200 pounds for cruiserweight and varying in range in the weight classes in between. In order to fight for a championship in these weight classes the fighters must come in to the fight at or below said weight.

Saying that I'm not saying GSP didn't make weight just that it was shady the way the whole situation was dealt with.
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