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Originally Posted by AlexZ View Post
Rules are rules when Diaz gets busted for "marijuana metabolites" but when it come to established weight guidelines for the poster boy....

Not only would the fight be a non-title fight but Diaz should have been entitled to a percentage of GSP purse.

Who cares about .9 lbs? NSAC the same people that care about banned substances etc. etc.
Exactly. What is .9 lbs? Well what is the tiny micro metabolites of cannabis that were found? Nate Diaz was .6 lbs over for his title fight....yet had to go back and lose that weight and was not benefited from rounding down to 155. Seems like all commissions and all champ fights would go by the same rules. How hard is it to get a decimal scale? I have a decimal scale.

I understand different commissions do slightly different things. And perhaps there is a good explanation for a rep coming up to Diaz an hour beforehand to tell him the rules or new rules of the weigh in.

Rules is rules. When shady things happen in boxing, MMA fans cry foul up and down. But when something like this happens it is no big deal. The double standard is crazy.

I'll be interested to learn what actually went down and what the rules are/were changed too. Hopefully we get an explanation. And hopefully commissions don't have the ability to change rules on the fly.
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