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Originally Posted by AlexZ View Post
So if a "UFC employee came over" and decided to allow GSP to be 5 or 10 lbs over weight NSAC would let it fly..... seems legit

People need to stop justifying the fact that there was blatant favoritism and that it takes away from the integrity of the sport.
I think your missing the entire point. The UFC isnt the one allowing the extra .9 the Quebec Athletic Commission does not use decimals but merely rounds down. A UFC employee came over to Diaz to make sure he was aware that the AC did so because its not normal in other places like Nevada or California. Diaz can complain for not knowing it earlier but I would think it would be he and his teams responsiblity to understand the rules in the jusrisdiction they are fighting in. In good faith the UFC likely should have let him know sooner but regardless its not there call.

The UFC has practically zero power over the AC's, hell the Quebec one almost got the Leites/Silva card cancelled because they were gonna implement a rule were if a fighter was knocked down he got a standing 10 count like in boxing. It got voted down but they stated than that if the UFC wanted to do buisiness in Montreal they would have to abide by the rules they put forth. People need to understand to that Quebec as a province likes to do things there own way even if it seems some times like they are being different just for the sake of being different.

Originally Posted by AlexZ View Post
Did you read sg160187 posts on the commissions guidelines for weight classes?

Common sense reveals Canadian favoritism.
What commissions guidelines are those because the province of Quebec has pretty much nothing in english anywhere. Those are the general unified rules from what I see and that means nothing considering athletic commissions can set what ever rules they want.

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