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Steroids have many more effects than bloated musculature. In fact, that is the primary effect of only a portion of the "steroids" available through the pharmaceutical industry. Steroids have also been known to help strip fat and weight (winstrol aka stanazolol), or increase the recovery rate for muscles to allow for longer of better performance. It is the reason why they test for steroids in other sports where physique, power, or size isn't beneficial for playing the sport. You can see ready examples in boxing, a multitude or running and track events, swimming, etc. In that situation, a greater amount of muscle mass is not indicative or steroid use.

Case in point: One of the asthma medications I have been prescribed is classified as an anabolic steroid. It in no way added any muscle mass, or decreased the amount of fat I had on my body (not that I was working out at the time either, but that is besides the point). However, it did make it much easier for me to breathe, and even facilitated a start back to working out. I didn't have to worry about as much congestion, or having my lungs "light on fire" as quickly as they normally would if I wasn't on them.

Imagine if it was an athlete that didn't suffer from chronic asthma on this medication. Sure it wouldn't necessarily make them bigger or stronger like most commonly expected steroids (we can acccept that). But if it allowed them to push their bodies at a higher rate of effort for another minute or two while straining themselves because it was easier to breathe, wouldn't that give them a huge advantage over another similarly conditioned athlete in a 5-minute round situation?

I would definitely think so.

Steroids don't have a place in the sport. If the guys are working out and their genetics allow it, the musculature will come regardless. If they can't make weight, then they shouldn't fight in the weight class. Case closed.

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree... As long as I don't bore you and I spark a moment of thought, my goal is achieved.

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