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Originally Posted by LizaG View Post
haha no, tbh I think it's because it's my sisters due date this week, I'm 200 miles away and live alone, no friends...just felt shit tbh and drank a lot think you're the only one. I went on a bender awhile back and ranted on a relative whom I think has been a selfish prick, son of a muther bitch. No response from em. Oh and I also drunk Facebooked a girl I havn't talked to in awhile. That always ends up well.

Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
come to Thailand then Liza. It's great here.

been playing with photoshop making some new sigs. check it out:
What I would give to be on the beach sippin' some Mai Thai's, ice tea, getting pampered by five masseuses, all soaking up the sun on the beach. Then at night heading to the full moon parties. You better have some awesome pics for us so we can live vicariously...hehe.

Originally Posted by Andrus View Post
walking dead, shit's still bout to go down there.
Got myself call of duty 2 yesterday, spent i don't know how many hours playing it, gonna do it again in the evening
About to watch homie. I find myself always eating a late night dinner while watching this show. This has to be the worst tv show to eat and watch at the same time.

Oh wellz...I'm hungry.

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