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Originally Posted by sg160187 View Post
Except with the approval of the Commission, or its executive director, the classes for mixed martial arts contests or exhibitions and the weights for each class shall be:

Welterweight over 155 to 170 pounds
Middleweight over 170 to 185 pounds

In non-championship fights, there shall be allowed a 1 pound weigh allowance. In championship fights, the participants must weigh no more than that permitted for the relevant weight division.

Over 170 includes 170.1 so unless they are fighting for the MW title, yes the weigh in rules are set in stone... Only grey area I can see you clutching at is the first section I bolded, but in truth I can't see how a commission can just up the weight by a pound. For a giggle can you tell me how many catch weight TITLE fights there have been in the UFC to date?

Ignorance of MMA is comparing lay and pray to trying to walk through your opponents punches... Do I think GSP's fighting style is boring... Yes I do but more because he has the tools to finish or at least try and finish some of the opponents he has faced and chooses not to. I respect the skills he has in his arsenal I just think it's a shame he chooses not to use them... I just can't understand how you can compare a guy walking forward with his chin in the air as 'safe' in the same way as laying on top of an opponent avoiding nearly all chances to either submit or pass into full guard and GnP someone...

What happened to the biggest beating of Diaz's life we were meant to witness? If I had the time I'd post a picture of the damage a LW in the form of BJ Penn did in 3 rounds compared to the damage the WW champ GSP did in 5...

As for you not posting with emotion but only fact you sure seem heated to me
Wow, you sure do go through an awful lot of effort to miss a point, don't you?

Ok, let's look at the basics first.

a 170 lb requirement with a 1 lbs allowance for non title fights, and a 'strict' 170 lbs requirement for title fights.

First, the paragraphs right after that one you provided (which you omitted for obvious reasons as it doesn't suit your argument) clearly spells out legal variations to this rule. And it doesn't say that these variations only apply to non-title fights. The only stipulation is that the fight must still result in a fair ans safe match .. there is no requirement for the fighters to both agree before hand (of course, when the catch weight is something like 5 or 10 lbs between fighters that normally are in different weight classes, and is set up months n advance, the fighters are going to be involved in that, but if the difference is withing a few 10ths of a pound then the commission, the commission that looks after the jurisdiction the fight will be held, which can have different rules than other commissions in other jurisdictions, can make their own determination.

Now, even assuming that the commission is not allowed to adjust the rules for "catch weight" without the fighters agreement, if the Quebec commission does indeed just round down to the closest lbs, then there is still no issue with the rules even assuming GSP came in at 170.9

If the fighters are fighting in a jurisdiction where that commission has a different weigh in requirement, say one where they rounded down to the nearest 1/10th of a lbs, then 170.2 would be a violation in that jurisdiction, and the fighters and their teams would be responsible for knowing and adhering to those rules.

Lets take the case of two WW fighters; Fighter "A" fighting a championship match, and fighter "B" fighting a regular match.

Fighter "A" weights in at 170.9 and is officially listed at 170 .... Fighter "B" weighs in at 171.9 and is officially listed at 171 .... both fighters make weight, and the rules above are strictly adhered to for everyone without any requirement for a 'catch weight' ruling.

Oh sure, they don't follow your opinion of the weigh in rules, where there is no allowance given at all, but fortunately, you are not on any commission, so your opinion on how the rules should or should not work do not come into play.

Now, let's actually look at the weight ins shall we?

If you bothered to watch them, then you might have noticed that not a single fighter weighted in at anything other than an 'even'(integer) weight ... no 169.5 lbs, no 170.5 weights, no weight at all that was anything other than an exact XXX.0 lbs ... so, since those are obviously the rules (round down to the nearest lbs) that this commission operates under, then that is the weight rules that the fighters have to live with.

If Diaz and his team are unaware of the rules they are fighting under, whose fault is that?

Now, you may want to think that this is changing the rules for a 'giggle' ... but these are the rules under which they run their commission, if they want to ignore the fractional portion of weight, then they ignore the fractional portion of the weight. It's their commission in their jurisdiction and if they want to make the fighters wear pink tutus, then if the fighters want to fight, that's what they will wear ... heck, being a commission in a country that doesn't cling to old archaic weight measurements, they could actually require a weight in Kilos, and round up or down to the nearest 1/2 kilo and your "opinion" would do nothing to change the rules.

It's also interesting to note that in Boxing, the 'catch weight' can indeed be used for championship matches, so I see no reason that it could not also be allowed in MMA since they have adopted much of the same set of rules.

As for the rest of your nonsense, if you're too thick to understand the simple rules when they are spelled out for you in black and white, then I have no problem imagining how you "can't understand" the standing 'L&P" reference, or how Diaz could be fighting 'safe' by using the same techniques all the time (even unwilling to change up and take risks when he was obviously way down on points ... unwilling to take risks when losing is the very definition of 'playing it safe' .. where 'playing it safe' when obviously way ahead on points could at least have the advantage of being considered 'playing it smart' as well as 'playing it safe'.)
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