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Originally Posted by Boxing>MMA
I believe it comes naturally and can't be learned just improved upon.
Originally Posted by southpaw447
I don't know too much about the subject of increasing the power of a punch but it's not really something you can work on consistenly and within a certain time be able to throw a 1 hitter quitter like chuck liddell. Some people have "supernatural" punching power, others don't. I have pretty heavy hands. Maybe you should try to find info on Hawaiian Kempo maybe chuck has some things he can teach you.
I disagree with that. Why? Well, throwing a punch is just like any other physical activity. It has to be learned to be done effectively. Granted there will be some who are phenomenally talented or gifted, but that's how it is in any other sport.

I know you can consistently learn to strike with more power, just like you can learn to jump higher or run faster. Does that mean you'll be as good as an olypic high jumper or sprinter? Nope, probably not. But saying that it is something that cannot be trained or learned is quite far on the negative end of the spectrum. On that end, I believe the 2nd quote is more correct.

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