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Day 48
Money has started to come through unemployment.

Well I got in at 4, and we had a small group. I ran class through all of our rituals and then 1 round on a bag 4-minute round.

The drill was 30 seconds rapid jabs, no power just speed.. rest 30 then right hands rapid back and forth until the round was over.

I am not sure when I asked our mma coach, but I have had some annoying impact pain when I throw heavy right uppercuts or straight rights into a bag.

He was thinking my fist is just not conditioned well enough currently to absorb the power I have in some of my strikes.

During my downtime between sessions I got a 45lb plate rested on my shoulders and did 40 pushups with it.

So for 2nd session I ran it again.

When we were done with the warmups, I worked on power striking. I didn't necessarily feel any pain so it may be a small percentage of the strikes I land that are just way too hard for me right now.

I am progressing in regards to overall conditioning.
I notice I am pushing myself to the point my core aches like crazy the next day.
I'm hardly content with doing what I had done the previous session, so right now there is no real boundary.
And I am finding that I've dropped some significant weight.

I believe I read 176.6 pounds tonight at the end of the night. Most nights I'm around 186.

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