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Originally Posted by theboz19
Hmmm, Mayweather made 10 Million + on his fight with Oscar. What did Dana offer?

I really don't understand the "boxer bashing" on this forum. Let's say Mayweather decides to slum it with the hillbillies and takes a fight with Sherk. He then trains for 3 months in takedown defense from the best team money can buy. He then turns Sherks face into a bloody stump. Did a boxer beat Sherk? or did a trained MMA fighter beat him?

Don't misunderstand me. I completely and totally agree that 99% of the time that a wrestler only fights a boxer only then the wrestler wins. The point I am trying to make is that if a top level boxer decides to do MMA, he is going to do some cross-training and thus no longer be a boxer just as a wrestler who trains in striking is no longer a wrestler.
Income does NOT indicate intelligence, labeling MMA fighters as “hillbillies” and saying boxers who step into the octagon are “slumming it” is nothing more than lame stereotyping. If anything your average boxer when interviewed validates my opinion that a single digit IQ is enough to be a good boxer. There are plenty of MMA fighters who are educated and articulate, I can’t think of any boxers who fit those criteria.

Mayweather is nothing more than an overcompensated entertainer who would be raped if he was stupid enough to get in the ring (with even a mediocre fighter).

It’s a shame that boxing is so corrupt and bloated with corruption, it was once a great sport and art. I don’t watch anymore due to the lack of talent and class. Besides after getting into MMA I see boxing as dull at best (and I trained as a boxer in my late teens and early 20s).
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