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Machida spent damn near 11-12 minutes total backing away from Dan Henderson. What frustrated the hell out of me was that Dan Henderson left so many openings that Machida could have countered easily. Instead he chose to back away. He took Henderson down easily from the clinch, it was a pretty neat trip and his GnP looked solid at the end of the first round. I just don't understand why he chose to spend the majority of the contest backing away and neglecting to take clear opportunities. He damn near lost that fight because he spent so much time being inactive. Playing the points game is fine but you don't get points for not engaging in some way. Punches thrown should count over no punches thrown at all.

Machida won't be afforded the same luxury against Jones that he had against Henderson. Henderson is a legend and a great fighter but he relies essentially on his iron jaw and nuclear hands. Everything else about his game has stagnated or even regressed. Jones is the total package and he will probably neutralize Machida's speed and drag him to the mat before delivering some elbows from hell.
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