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Originally Posted by duckyou666 View Post
My god, Diaz is a moron. He does realize that if GSP missed weight, their fight would've been a non-title fight, nothing more, right? There would be no vacating the title, they would fight for no title, he'd be dominated, then they'd fight at a later date for the title, where he would get completely dominated again. Diaz is a tard. It's stupid that he thinks he has any right to force GSP to vacate the title when there is nothing in the rules to say that is what happens. Plus, has Quebec, or any Canadian commission ever used the decimal at the weigh in? **** it, let them fight again, in Vegas, where the commission says you have to be exactly on weight. Diaz loses, again. Under no circumstances does Diaz do anything but get outclassed for 5 rounds.

I've looked everywhere and I can't find where it says the champ has to vacate the title if he misses weight.
Are you sure about that?

I was under the impression MMA followed the same rules as boxing: If the belt holder misses weight he has to vacate the belt. If the challenger makes weight, he can then choose whether to go ahead with the fight. If he wins, then he gets the belt. If the overweight champ wins the belt remains vacant.
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