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Originally Posted by AlexZ View Post
At least this will clear up the issue and make Canadian rules for weight-ins clear.

In before GSP nuthuggers stating "Who cares about .9lbs ?!"

This I agree with. At least their rules won't be unknown to fighters before their weigh in. Even Condit said he was never aware of this when he fought GSP there. So at the very least it seems odd that they don't let this be clear. Diaz was told literally an hour before weigh ins....

People will say "oh butthurt Diaz, he is making excuses". Those people are idiots. The guy was suspended for 9 months for traces of cannabis metabolites. His brother had to go back and shed .6 lbs for his title shot. If he genuinely feels slighted over the lack of clarification or blatant change of rules, he is more than entitled to pursue the answers.

If Sonnen were to say he is the MW champ after losing to Anderson it is funny. If Diaz's camp says GSP needs to fight for the vacant belt...they can't be kidding or being ridiculous...they must be butthurt whiners.

Either way not Condit nor Diaz knew of these unique rules which are different than most anywhere else they hold fights. At the very least I am glad that the rules are put out in the limelight, so at least fighters know them in the future.
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